Saturday, November 21, 2009

And hello once more . . .

So it has been a very long time, sorry, things have been all over the place for the past few months and I'm only just now catching my breath. In as few words as possible, here is what's changed:

1) I moved out of the co-op (yay!)

I was not happy there, I didn't really connect with most of the girls and just generally wasn't enjoying the house, so I had very little motivation to do the five hours of work required each week to have the right to stay I moved out! It was relatively painless, once I decided to do it.

2) I moved into an apartment (yay!!!)

I am completely in love with this place, it's a one bedroom with a kitchen and full bath, and it has such a nice feel to it. Open, pretty without being showy, I'm comfortable here. Plus it's only about a block from campus, on the side I prefer (it's much quieter here). It was sort of a long process to find a place, move all my things out of the old room, move them into here, and then hunt for everything I'd forgotten/didn't have/etc. (e.g. a broom, toilet cleaner, fun stuff...) but it's all finished and I'm so much happier than I was all semester.

3) I re-evaluated my attitude towards school right now

While I was pretty miserable in the co-op, I started questioning how much I really wanted to be here going to school at all. I thought about taking the semester off (which was very, very strange to find myself wanting to do) and coming back in the spring. It was odd because school has always been the one thing I was constantly sure of, and enjoyed, and knew that I wanted to do, so to be questioning it was a big indicator to me that something was seriously off (hence leaving the co-op and all that).

4) (I also started seeing a professional to help sort things out generally. She's lovely.)

5) I feel more committed to being here now that I've consciously chosen to stay (hooray!)

I'm thinking about graduate school, still trying to double-major (and currently that still seems possible, despite budget cuts), and really enjoying what I'm doing -- peer counseling is amazing, the preschool is fun, and classes are going well.

So! That's sort of what I've been up to, in a nutshell, now to the reason why I started this post in the first place......I finished something! So here are pictures!

I started this just this past Monday, after purchasing the yarn I wanted for it at ImaginKnit on Sunday. And it came off the needles just a little while ago : )

It's a gift for a friend of mine for Christmas, I'm making another one for one of my other good friends in a different color. It's made with Rowan Kidsilk Haze in "Trance" (shade 582) and I was inspired to try out the yarn by a pattern I saw in one of my knitting books. At first I was going to try to make it using the pattern, but after starting a gauge swatch I realized it was going to be ridiculously hard to pull off and wouldn't really look any different in the end than just doing a simple garter stitch, sooooo yeah. I went the (very) easy route haha : )

Here is what's left of the "Trance" yarn, compared to its original size. It's next to the yarn I have for the other present I'm planning to make.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I'm planning to make a few more things to give to these friends too (and everyone else I'm hoping to make something for...) so hopefully there will be more pictures soon!


  1. Love the pictures and glad you are happier now ... after all ... in the end happiness is one of the most important things you can strive for!!

  2. Thanks :) I hope you're doing well, I'll try to write you a proper letter soon!